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KiwiContactz NZ Limited is Company registered in New Zealand for a few years now, dealing primarily in the export of Health Supplements and Skincare products, manufactured to order by top manufacturers.

Although itself not a manufacturing Company, KiwiContactz has affiliations and business relationships with many preferred suppliers and top New Zealand manufacturers for it's export products.
KiwiContactz welcomes inquiries from anywhere in the world and endeavours to get back with information/pricing within three days, usually sooner. We welcome contact to commence a business relationship so please feel free to ask anything you wish to know.

The Director of the Company Richard Sinclair has worked in the industry, not just experienced in the products but also in Customer Service and running/working in varied business interests such as:
Child Welfare Division of the Department of Education on leaving school until now working in the Natural Health Industry for the past 15 years, and a varied career: Clothing Retailer, Fulltime Musician/Band Member (various places - see personal), Landscape Business (Surfers Paradise), Music Retailer (Takapuna), Sales Representative (Swensen's Ice Cream, Athena Bathroom Manufacturers, Sales and Product Manager for Monaco (now Transmark)...Casio watches, calculators and musical keyboards, NZ Manager for Sunrider (MLM of herbal products), and Promotional Products Business. Also many years as Warehouse/Distribution/Manufacturing Manager for a Health Supplement Importer/Distributor.

Company details:

KiwiContactz NZ Limited


Mobile: +64 21 02303356
Email: info@kiwicontactz.com
Website: www.kiwicontactz.com