HANDZ - energy healing

Energy healing is a term that refers to various therapies that use the hands to interact with the energy pathways of the body. The hands emit potent life-force vibrational energy which can easily contact, sense and modulate the energy systems of the body, restoring the free-flow of vital energy. One of the major benefits of energy healing is that the nervous systems of the body are revitalized and rejuvenated. Just like during our deep stages of sleep and also during meditation, energy healing creates a profound state of rest and relaxation, which allows all the bodily systems to be deeply restored. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, pain, immune system disorders, tissue damage, and other conditions can be helped with the proper use of energy healing.
Energy healing has been shown to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field (aura) that surrounds the body, and the energy centres (chakras) that control the flow of the energy field to the physical body, restoring harmony, energy and balance and so supporting the self-healing process.
Practitioners of energy healing attune to the Universal field of energy and then direct this life energy to the client. It is used to balance and promote the flow of human energy, holding and moving hands within the energy field, drawing out any blockage thus clearing the life-force, enhancing body healing and vitality.

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